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Techwars 5.6 Changelog


5.6 Patch Notes
Shade Changes:

  • Shade Eco Overhaul: Gravestones will be created when a unit dies, these will be resource points for your Spirits, Units that die near Gravestones will give their bounty to increase the Gravestones resource count, You can train more spirits inside the new Shade Shrine and various other upgrades for faster Soul collection

  • Curse has been renamed to Whisper and has had a makeover. Now fires a ghostly spirit that flies through units, applying the curse effect. Whisper will still jump but has been reduced from every 1 second to every 3 seconds
  • Aura of Time Dilation now places down an aura at a target point, Reduced Radius from 8 to 4
  • New Spells: Death and Decay, Resurrection,
  • New Buff: Damnation
  • Increased Soul Cap from 3000 to 10000
  • Removed Event Horizon

  • Reduced Soul Shower targets from 12 to 8
  • Reduced Time Dilation Aura radius from 8 to 4, Increased Cooldown from 30 to 50 seconds
  • Replaced Aura of Protection and Aura of Haste with Aura of Love and Aura of Hate
  • Aura of Hate now reduces armour by 10%
  • Reduced Obliviate and Rejuvenation field soul consumption from 2 to 1 soul every 0.5 sec per unit

Game Changes

- New Units: Corsair, Cichol, Zergy,
- New Resource Mode: Random
- Removed Unit: Defiler Bot

- Starting Resource Changes: Increased number of starting Harvesters from 2 to 4, Increased initial Harvester cooldown from 130 to 300 sec, Increased starting vesp from 0 to 15
- Redesigned Protoss and Zerg terrain, Reduce capture point at these techs to a 14 diameter circle around the structures, Previously as soon as your unit got up the second ramp it got counted, You can build anywhere in Protoss or Zerg but not on the capture point, Repositioned the Protoss and Zerg structure so it’s directly in the middle of the side lanes, units will now walk straight
- Tech Capture zones have been changed from a 28x23 square to a 24 diameter circle around pylons, Clicking Pylons and Tech structures will reveal the capture zone size,

- New Creep Upgrade: Creep can now be upgraded to add more Health regen and Movement Speed to Zerg units. +0.1 Movement Speed and +0.05 Health Points per Second for each Zerg Unit on Creep. Without upgrades, Zerg units have +0 Movement speed on creep and +1hp/s Health per Second on creep. Zerg units still have their own independant movement speed and health regeneration off creep. In addition to this, The Queen will now drop Tumors that will create creep in massive amounts, This Upgrade is researched just like Weapons, Armour and Shields

Balance and Misc Changes

- Significantly lowered map size (May increase load speed!)
- Turrets Changes: Turrets now have standard attack priority, Increased starting cooldown for tech turrets from 10 to 20 minutes, Increased non tech turrets cooldown from 5 to 10 minutes
- Added 1 Turret Hardpoint on top of the Eco Islands
- Corsair now spawns from the Stargate, Reduced Stargate cost from 80/55 to 60/45, Phoenix Stargate upgrade costs 15/25, All upgrades after Corsair remain the same total cost (Price has raised by 20/10 to compensate for lower stargate cost) Observer upgrade price remains the same (15/25) but Oracle price has went up from 90/115 to 110/125,
- Harvester reminder pings only happen if the player hasn’t yet purchased the next Harvester.
- Team colour changes: blue is now black, teal is now white. (They’re still the same in the lobby though).
- Fortress Fire Suppression has been slowed down from 10hp / -10 energy per second to 5hp / -5 energy per second
- Removed Turret Hardpoints from the minimap (Turrets still appear when placed)
- Fixed a recently broken easter egg
- Mutalisks will now target rocks
- The whole map has been raised up 1 level, this is to make way for a future addition to the game
- Fixed Fanatics leaving a glow on the ground when they die, added custom death effect
- Fixed Infested Zealot visuals, Removed Infested Zealots damage health leech
- Fixed Infernal Templar not dealing damage
- Fixed Range: Radar Turret (Anti Missile)
- Fixed various tooltips, icons and stat visuals
- Fixed Suicide units not consistently giving gas
- Fixed Scourge Guardian Ground missile getting targeted by PDD
- Fixed Crusader attacking another unit while ensnaring
- Modified Valkyrie visuals
- Infested Starport and Infested Gateway now has Infested Visuals
- AI Now counters Infested Terrans
- Infested Terrans from Infested Viking and the Swarm Eggs give 1 bounty each
- Outback now gives bounty on death, 6 gas
- Archon Change: Fixed the upgrade doubling the attack speed, now it should only increase it by 50%, Chain bounce has been increased on Archon from 1.5 to 2 and Dark Archon from 2 to 3,

- Terran Cloaked unit changes: Ghost, Spectre, Phantom, Nova, Nightmare, Banshee, Duskwing and Wraith have a 15% damage bonus when they are cloaked and undetected

- Critical Strike upgrade on the Sniper turret has had a visual overhaul, Changed how the critical strike works after the upgrade (Made it easier to edit in the editor for future balance)

- Sniper Turret Anti Air weapon has had a small overhaul, reduced damage from 35 to 14, increased number of attacks from 1 to 3,

- You can now queue all 3 levels of Transfusion

- Target Changes: Warhound (inc Ability) now attacks both Ground and Air, Viper now attacks both Air and Ground

- Modified how Sentry uses Guardian Shield (Shouldn't affect how it works, just makes it easier to adjust when it uses it in the editor)

- New Upgrades: Drone Bay (Battlecruiser), Sundering Glave (Mutalisk), Shield Booster (Scout), Locust Mutation (Swarm Host), Cluster Warheads (Banshee, Dusk Wing)

- Turret changes: Increased Bounty from 15 to 25, Reduced Fire Suppression system cost from 5 to 2 energy per second, Increased Life Regen on Fire Supression from 10 to 15,

- Nova is now cloaked

- Changed Unit Attribute: Valkyrie from Armoured/Mech to Light/Mech

- Reduced Unit Cost: Viper from 60/95 to 60/75, Behemoth from 115/140 to 100/115, Arclite from 150/150 to 110/125, Queen from 70/80 to 50/65, Archon from 80/150 to 60/120
- Increased tech rocks life from 800 to 1500 and armour from 3 to 4
- Increased Damage: Perdition (General) from 8 to 10, Viper from 8 to 10, Zealot from 8*2 to 10*2
- Reduced Damage: Impaler to Structures from 0 to -10, Immortals from 20 to 15, Valkyrie from 22 * 2 to 15 *2,
- Increased Attribute Damage: Stalker to Armoured from +6 to +8, Phoenix to Light from 7 to 10
- Reduced Attribute Damage: Banelings no longer deal damage to structures on death, Immortals to Armoured from +30 to +20, ARES Flamethrower to Biological from +25 to +15,
- Increased Attack Speed: Scourge Guardian (General) from 3 to 2.8, Immortals from 1.45 to
- Reduced Attack Speed: Impaler from 1.45 to 1.85, Nova from 2 to 2.2, Sniper Turret (Ground) from 1.8 to 2.4, Sniper Turret (General) from 1 to 1.2, ARES Flamethrower from 1.2 to 1.5,
- Reduced Life: Ghost from 80 to 65, Nova from 100 to 80, Phantom from 130 to 90, Nightmare from 150 to 90, Infested Zealot from 160 to 120, Medivac from 150 to 120,
- Reduced Shield: Infested Zealot from 160 to 120,
- Increased Range: Auto Cannon from 7 to 8, Scourge Guardian (General) from 8 to 9, Scourge Guardian (Anti Air) from 8 to 10, Fortress from 15 to 16, Warhound from 6 to 7,
- Reduced Range: Nova from 14 to 12, Impaler from 12 to 11,
- Increased Leash Range: Broodlord from 12 to 14 (Don’t confuse this with attack range)
- Increased Attacks: Scourge Guardian (General) from 5 to 8
- Reduced Splash: Artillery turret from 3.5 Radius to 2 Radius
- Increased Spawn Time: Hive Zerglings from 24 to 28, Banelings from 23 to 26 seconds, Locusts (Swarm Host) from 12 to 16, Mutalisks from 40 to 42,
- Reduced Spawn Time: Dark Archon from 130 to 110
- Increased Movement Speed: Zealot from 2.25 to 2.65, APC from 1.25 to 2,
- Reduced Supply Cost: Tempest Stargate from 3 to 2,
- Increased Stun Radius: Infested Zealot from 1 to 2,
- Increased Turret Fire Suppression Cost from -2 per 10 hp to -10 per 10hp,
- Reduced Cooldown: Enforcer Plasma Gun from 8 to 6 seconds, Neural Parasite (Nightmare) from 12 to 8 seconds,
- Increased Cooldown: Energy Feedback (Science Vessel) from 5 to 7,
- Reduced Upgrade Cost: Squadron Coordination (Phoenix) from 50/180 to 50/65, Predator Hydraulic Upgrade from 15/60 to 20/40, Predator Lightning Claws from 45/120 to 50/80, Reaper Nitro Packs from 30/45 to 15/25, Combat Shield from 15/60 to 15/45, Archon Chain from 180/200 to 150/165

- Reduced Maximum Energy: Raven from 200 to 100, Medivac from 200 to 100, Medic from 200 to 100, Engineer from 200 to 100, Science Vessel from 200 to 100, Battlecruiser from 200 to 100, Jacksons Revenge from 200 to 100, Loki from 200 to 100, Nova from 250 to 100, Ghost from 200 to 100, Spectre from 200 to 100, Phantom from 200 to 100, Nightmare from 200 to 100, High and Infernal Templar from 200 to 100, APC from 200 to 50, Infested Viking from 200 to 100

- Reduced Starting Amount: Battlecruiser from 125 to 50, Jacksons Revenge from 125 to 50, Loki from 500 to 100

- Increased Energy Cost: Hack (Science Vessel) from 2 to 10,
- Reduced Energy Cost: Guardian Shield (Sentry) from 75 to 50, Turret weapon switch from 20 to 10, Yamato from 50 to 25, Loki Missile pods from 50 to 25

Complete Unit/Ability/Upgrade Changes

- Shadow Stalker/Zealot Changes: Reduced Ability energy from 50 to 25, Reduced Starting energy from 50 to 25, Reduced Maximum energy from 200 to 120, Reduced Energy Regen from 0.9 to 0.5,

- Overseer Changes: Reduced Maximum Energy from 200 to 100, Reduced Starting Energy from 50 to 25, Berserker and Evasion energy cost has been reduced from 15 to 5, Increased Auto Cast range from 5 to 10 (Doesn’t affect total range, just how far it will target units, maximum range is 12),

- Arclite Changes: Fixed Siege Mode dealing more damage than intended (900 damage to target unit on rare circumstances), This fix requires a modification on how splash damage is dealt, Siege Mode now deals 120 damage to the target but the splash won’t stack causing insane damage, Reduced number of splash zones from 3 to 2, Splash zone 1 now deals 55 damage at 1.5 range (1 range more than before), Splash zone 2 now deals 30 damage at 2.5 range (0.85 range less than before), Splash damage receives +1 each weapon upgrade but it has armour reduction now, The new splash effects won’t stack on each other, Reduced damage bonus on target damage from +5 to +3, Increased Siege Mode Attack Speed from 2.5 to 2.2, Removed Splash Damage from Tank Mode weapon, Increased Damage from 10 to 18, Removed Attribute Damage to Armoured, Increased Tank Mode range from 10 to 12,

- Firebat / Devil Dog changes: Previously firebats only dealt damage in a line from the centre of the attacker. Now firebats fire 2 lines of damage with a distance of 0.6 between them. Each damage point still has 0.6 radius splash, thus the Firebat will still deal damage to units that run between the 2 lines of damage. The Gauntlet upgrade will upgrade both lines with the same stats.

- Crusader Changes: Modified weapon to shoot 2 missiles simultaneously, Reduced Base damage from 10 to 8, Reduced Attack Speed from 1.75 to 2, Reduced Range from 9 to 6, Reduced Ensnare cost from 50 to 25, Reduced Starting Energy from 100 to 35, Maximum energy from 200 to 100, Energy Regeneration from 0.8 to 0.4,

- Dropship Changes: Reduced cost from 150/180 to 120/145, Reduced Spawn time from 90 to 70 seconds, Reduced Life from 250 to 120, Reduced Unit Creation cost from 50 to 25 energy, Reduced Maximum Energy from 200 to 100, Reduced Starting Energy from 100 to 50, Reduced Energy Regen from 1.6 to 1.2
- Infestor Changes: Increased Cost from 50/85 to 70/95, Reduced Maximum Energy from 200 to 100, Reduced Starting Energy from 100 to 50, Now has a selection between Fungal Growth and Infested Terran, Infested Terran ability has a “sit back” range of 12, Fungal Growth remains the same,

- Radar Turret Changes: Upgraded Radar will now reveal the enemy unit locations of the whole map, New ability “Decoy Artillery Strike”, Moved the previous Decoy Army easter egg from the Fortress to the Radar Turret, no longer an easter egg

- Shield Upgrade Revamp: Shield Bonuses are now show inside the Shield Upgrade tooltip, Shield bonus per upgrade has been reduced on most of the units, Archon from +15 to +10, Colossus from +25 to +15, Dark Templar from +10 to +5, High Templar from +10 to +5, Immortal from +15 to +10, Stalker from +10 to +5, Dark Archon from +50 to +25, Dragoon from +15 to +10, Infested Zealot from +20 to +15, Void Defender +10 to +50, Zealot from +10 to +5, Carrier from +20 to +15, Mohandar from +20 to +15, Observer from +10 to +5, Phoenix from +10 to +5, Tempest from +20 to +10, Void Ray from +15 to +10, Warp Prism from +15 to +5